How the Adventure Started...

My story

Vacation State of Mind

My name is Mutmainah Adeyemi, a Nigerian Muslim travel blogger. My love for traveling started when I was just 17 in College. The few organizations I was in at the time included yearly conferences so I was able to visit different states for FREE as an attendee. Traveling became a priority for me when I was 21 and felt stuck in the environment I was in. Therefore, I took it upon myself to conduct intense research that has helped me gain a lot of truths about traveling. Yes, traveling on a budget is 100% possible and that is exactly what my platform will tell you. So far, I have been to 10 countries, 17 states which of course includes solo, group, and duo trips. Yes, Solo meaning I knew no one there and took that leap to step out of my comfort zone and stopped waiting on others before I live the life I desire!! Overall, traveling allows me to learn about new cultures, taste different food, learn the history of different areas and has also impacted my knowledge in my professional career as a Social Worker. So, as a therapist, I will let you know that the first step in practicing self-care is by letting go of all of your worries and letting Serene Adventures handle them for you!